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tv   [untitled]    June 17, 2012 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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going forward. we will be supporting our fire department and cutting down on overtime and making sure we are supporting the critical work the fire department does. i am thrilled that this is happening, and i look forward to working with the mayor and with my colleagues to keep it going. thanks. [applause] supervisor cohen: good morning -- good afternoon, everyone. i am is sitting here listening to the comments of many of my colleagues and our partners in public safety -- i am sitting here listening to the comments. also, a partner who deserves as much recognition and congratulations -- the members of the public, who have rode teh wave, -- the wave, the ups and downs that supervisor wiener just mentioned. yes, the men and women who put their lives on the line every day, but also the members of the
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public who have been patient and organized themselves and organized communities, block captains -- our volunteers in nert are also sometimes left off the table when we are thanking people. yes, the mayor deserves a lot of credit, and carmen chu has done an excellent job in spearheading the budget discussions, but also the people. so this is very important for all of us. thank you. [applause] >> in closing, there is a chart in the back. a picture is worth a thousand words. it tells you where we are and where we are headed. i thank everyone for their support, and we will continue to employ as many efficiencies and strategies as we can to get as much out of what we have until we get these classes in and up to speed, and we will continue to work with the mayor's office and local 798 to see what we do to see if we cannot even get more officers in more quickly to get to our
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charter mandate. since it is getting kind of stuff the, we will break now. there are cantonese and spanish translators available if anyone's to avail themselves. everyone here is available for questions individually. maybe outside, get a little fresh air. thank you so much for coming. [applause] >> thanks for>> thank you, pres. the student delegates are in the back. never mind. president yee: please join me in the pledge of allegiance spirit -- in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for
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which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. president yee: we're going to go to item eight. approval of the board met. a motion and a second for the special board meeting minutes of june 4, 2012. any corrections? roll call, please. commissioner fewer: yes. commissioner mendoza: yes. commissioner murase: aye. vice president norton: aye. president yee: aye. the next item is the superintendent's report.
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what are your thoughts tonight, superintendent garcia? superintendent garcia: not good thoughts. tonight, we are bringing forward the 2012-2013 budget. i wish i could be here to give you some great news. later on this evening, there will be a presentation on it. no matter how we try to slice this, how we try to make it better, the reality is that with the economy the way it is an with the governor's proposal, even if it does not pass, it goes from bad to worse. we are still working with our labor partners, trying to see what we can come up with. it is going to be a real tough year, the next two years, when you look at our budget. no matter what is going on, i think we have cut about everything we can. it makes a really difficult --
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it makes it very difficult to balance the budget. hopefully our legislators, by the end of this week, they have to have a balanced budget, one that gives us a clue about how much money we get to spend. it looks like they are working -- looking at what they're working on, we have made some assumptions in developing this budget so that we can move forward. unfortunately, the way it works in california is that the state requires school districts by the end of the month to pass a balanced budget. if you do not, you become one of the 188 school districts that have not been able to balance their budgets. that number is growing every week. that would be a lot of fun, but we do not have adequate funding in california to be able to meet our needs and go out and support students we ought to be supporting them.
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that is what we have to work with. we do not have a choice for the state will come in and take us over. we will see what happens the rest of the week with the governor and the legislature trying to approve a budget. that is depressing enough for one evening. we will move on to something that is fun. i see a lot of young, smiling faces out there that will lead us to the future and hopefully, the day that you are in charge, you are not so cheap in funding public education. that reminds me of a joke. do you know how they invented copper wiring? the california state legislature was trying to figure out how to pinch a penny to fund public education. sorry, i could not resist. moving right along, i do want to congratulate -- excuse me?
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>> are want to say something about the district's. superintendent garcia: on a positive note, when i look out and see all of these young students, we will get an opportunity to honor scholarship recipients and want to congratulate all of the organizations that have stepped up to support young people because they are our future. someone has got to get us out of these messes. all of these organizations that have stepped up to give scholarships to the young and brightest people, i really want to commend everyone for doing that here. to our graduates, it is really exciting to see that you made it. you are at the commencement line for the rest of your life. we want to congratulate you for that. i really wanted to highlight a few things. there are three graduates from our school district that one of 1000 students selected nationwide to become millennium
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scholars. andrew healey, maka bay yin, tony chan, and two others that one of 141 high school seniors chosen by president barack obama to the 2012 u.s. presidential scholars. michelle and tinsley. we really want to congratulate them. [applause] we have our own shining stars of here. we have joyce and karissa. i want to thank both of them for being great delegates. you are great role models. both of you have great futures ahead of you. you are going to berkeley and you are going up north, right?
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lewis and clark. i am a history teacher. lewis and clark is a great school. if you live in san francisco, it will not be too tough. i think they're going to be wonderful. the past ones have gone on to do incredible, great things. we expect no less from both of you. thank you for hanging in there and representing all of your colleagues and friends out there. in this beautiful school district of hours, thank you. [applause] >> i just wanted to say something about the districts that are qualified for-file certification. since you said that, i must say that joyce is an incentive award
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winner. i hate to say it, but it is kind of a free ride to berkeley. i have been in the school district long enough to remember when the incentive awards were reestablished. it is -- were established. it is an extraordinary honor and i am so proud of you. as i told her, once you are an incentive award winner, they never let go of you. the wonderful work that you do your whole life, you are lucky to do that. i want to say that we are lucky not to be among the 188 school districts that are in such dire straits that they are in danger of losing control of their district finances, not yet anyway. today, the california school board association did a webinar for those school districts. we did not get an invitation because we are not among those
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districts. for our finance staff and anyone interested in understanding what things the district considers in that situation, you can go on the website and that will be archived. if i could -- if i could, i just want to say for carlos that today, the newsletter came out with my monthly column. if you will indulge me, i will read the last part. "one morning, the community schools from was wowed by a panel of superintendents, including my san francisco unified school district carlos garcia. i was proud of all of these visionary leaders." in the first version, i had to
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cut it down, i also mentioned tony smith. "i was proud of all of these visionary leaders. there were all great. their support is necessary to the development of school programs around the state. impending retirement allows carlos to be more forward. he has had to handle political relationships with care and finesse. at that -- at this event, knew what went out the window. this was his message -- we say we care about children and they are our highest priority for it our legislators are unable to accomplish anything. nonsense. if children's education was our highest priority, we would provide adequate funding." thank you.
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president yee: thank you, commissioner wynns. ok. we are going to go to imc. recognitions and resolutions of commendations. tonight, it will be a little special. what i would like to do is call out these organization names right now and if there is a representative here for these organizations, just raise your hand so i know who is in the audience. united administrators? united educators? association of chinese teachers? the alliance of black school educators? the latin american teachers association? the organization of filipino educators and employees. ok. what i would like to do is have students scholarships and awards
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announcements at this time. i will call each group one at a time. the first group is the united administrators of san francisco. this is the part of the year, once a year, when we have different organizations come before the board meeting and present their scholars. this is one of the few opportunities where we get to see our scholars gathered in one room for the evening. >> good evening. i am one of the executive directors of the united administrators of san francisco. this is the other executive director and all present. united administrators of san francisco gives 4 $2,000
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scholarships to students who apply to us. they write an essay about why they want to be in the helping professions. we hope that they will be teachers or social workers or something that is going to help out people. we have a committee that reads the scholarships and we decide. we also give out 2 other scholarships. named for an administrator in san francisco who passed away. her twin sister donates money and we give one $1,000 scholarship and one $500 scholarship. i would like to have the people, all, the winners. come on up here. do you want to read your name? >> i want to say congratulations to these fine, young people and congratulate your parents and all of the teachers you had at
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san francisco unified. we are happy to give you the scholarships and know that when you go to higher education, you are representing yourself, your family, and your ambassadors for this wonderful district. it is a pleasure to present this to jasmine lane, congratulations. >> she is going to uc-berkeley. [applause] >> next, we have adonis williams. congratulations. >> he is getting $2,000. he is from all high-school and he is going to loyola marymount in los angeles. [applause] >> and catherine kim. congratulations. >> she is from a lot high school and she is going to san diego state.
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for the record, i would like to read the other two names. alexis gomez, emily hernandez, both of them had to work tonight. and then we had a $500 winner, linna lowe. are you alexis? ok! here is alexis gomez. she is from june st. jordan and going to uc santa cruz. president yee: are you going to perform for us again? she was the one who came for the lunar new year and perform for us. that was hurt. -- that was her.
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ok. next group. united educators of san francisco. president kelly. >> thank you very much. if any of our scholarship winners are here, would you please come forward? i am dennis kelly, the president of the united educators of san francisco. each year, we give scholarships based not just on academic excellence, but based on essays that people right. we have asked them to start writing about the interests of our former presidents. two winners of the joan marie
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shelley who wrote about multiple languages. we had a winner of ke for thent mitchell award. his specialty was technology. that was the nature of that essay competition. jim vallard was one of the first organizers to get people into unions. the essays there were about the role that individuals played in organizing and helping others. we also give to other awards, in honor of one of the men who ran a credit union and one in honor of the mother of one of our former clerical employees. we have one of our winners here with us today. i would appreciate it if this incredibly particulate and outgoing young lady would come forward and tell you a little bit about herself. >> hi everyone!
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my name is jasmine and i just graduated three weeks ago. i am very excited. i majored in theater arts. this fall, i will be attending uc-berkeley as an undeclared major. i do not know what i wanted to get. preferably something in the social sciences field, something geared toward helping others. i want to thank the united educators of san francisco for giving me this wonderful award, the james b. vallard memorial scholarship. thank you. >> our other recipients are not here. we honor them in our office with a reception with their parents the other day. president yee: thank you.
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the next group that is going to present their scholarships would be the association of chinese teachers. >> good evening. i am currently the interim assistant principal at galileo academy and scholarship committee member for the association of chinese teachers. this is danny, our president elect. the association of chinese teachers raised $24,000 this year.
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we are proud to award 12 students scholarships to further their pursuit in higher education. seven of them are here today. the first is nancy chen from washington. [applause] sandy from lincoln. [applause] rachel from lowell. [applause] i do not know if you guys know that one right there, jasimmine. [applause] happy from balboa. [applause] michelle. [applause] another memorable face, joyce zhang. [applause] thank you.
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[applause] >> where are they going to college? >> i am going to davis. >> ok. >> to people on each side cannot be seen. >> i know these iphones. that is nice. very nice. >> and to introduce where they will be attending. >> i will be attending uc- berkeley -- i mean, davis terry
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-- i mean, davis. [laughter] >> i will be going to uc santa cruz and i will major in sociology. thank you. >> i will be attending elmhurst college in massachusetts. i do not know what i majoring in either. >> cal. >> i am going to study government at harvard. [applause] >> uc-berkeley. >> i am also going to uc- berkeley. [applause] >> another scholarship winner who was not here was going to join us but he could not make it. that concludes.
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thank you. sf state and he plans to join the san francisco police academy. president yee: the next group is the alliance of black school educators. >> we have to have that bell, which is symbolic for all of us as educators.
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he is swahili and he has watched the news. we have good news tonight. and bad. we are surrounded by our 2012 scholarship recipients. on this beautiful tuesday evening in the city of st. francis, the san francisco alliance of black school educators, yours truly, vice president, we are pleased to present to normandy -- norman yee, rachel norton, distinguished commissioners, superintendent garcia, thank you for your service to our students. we hope you will have the glow on your face like all retirees do. to our incoming superintendent, congratulations. we look forward to working with you. special thanks to my supervisor.
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dr. patricia grey, who just retired. linda. we welcome our new vice president. and to our belovedesther. good evening again. it has been a great partnership and we are grateful and thankful to each of you for your support in the many activities to bridge the gap for underserved african- american and latino students. commissioner maufas you have always been there for us and we thank you for that. commissioner murase, you have opened so many doors for us, we can hardly say thank you enough. to all of you who have supported us, thank you.
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this banquet was held on thursday evening, may 17. a short walk from us, the african american community and cultural complex. we are so proud this young woman who loves the -- who runs the community, she got started with us and if a galileo graduate. now to present our 2012 scholarship recipients. i am pleased to introduce our president, and our scholarship chair person. >> thank you, vice-president. i wanted to say we had the opportunity to give out 17 $500 scholarships. we partnered with 2
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organizations, the hannibal lodge number one and the beta nu chapter. that made a wonderful evening with three organizations making a presentation. the v the valerie bell to come up and have our recipients introduce themselves. thank you. >> good evening. good evening. i guess i haven't offered two weeks of school without you guys. you are actually refreshed her it i am feeling very honored to stand here to introduce our scholarship awards. they too have to write an essay and submit their grades and goals. they have to go through a 30- minute interview. we have three people over town